Forest Bathing in the Pinewood

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Discovering the pine forest and the effect of trees on our psychophysical well-being.
The bath in the forest is a wellness practice aimed at the psychophysical balance of the person and is suitable for all those who wish to find a way of connection with nature, for a full use of the effects induced by exposure and immersion in green spaces . .

Many studies confirm the benefits that our body and mind derive from being now in contact with natural elements, better then if these moments are shared with people dear to us: the levels of stress and toxins seem to drop significantly and in times very quickly allowing us to return to a more serene pace. This allows us to reinvigorate our immune system, helping to decrease blood pressure and even depressive states.

These are well known to the Japanese, not surprisingly one of the longest-lived peoples in the world. Since ancient times they have preserved in their vocabulary and gestures the practice of shinrin-yoku, translated in the West as forest bathing.
This discipline teaches you to benefit from apparently simple activities, such as a walk in the woods, breathing in the essences of trees and plants, which can have invigorating or relaxing effects, depending on their nature.

Meeting point:
Sala Rubicone
Milano Marittima
Via Jelenia Gora

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    GREEN PASS CERTIFICATION or tampon required for visitors aged 12 and over
    The use of a protective mask is compulsory for all visitors aged 6 and over
    A distance of at least one metre must be maintained at all times from other people not belonging to your household
    Online booking and purchase of guided tours is strongly recommended
    We recommend that you arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes in advance
    One person at a time may enter the Tourist Information Office at each desk, provided that they wear a mask and sanitise their hands with a hand sanitising gel dispenser at the entrance.
    In case of illness, we ask you to stay at home. If you have booked for a date or time when you can no longer attend, you can contact the Cervia Tourist Information Office to change your booking on 0544 974400 or at every day from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

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Meeting point
Milano Marittima Via Jelenia Gora
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From EUR 10

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The natural spaces offered by the pine forest of Cervia - Milano Marittima represent an extraordinary opportunity for all those who frequent our town to practice a new discipline and to explore the green lung that characterizes Cervia in a unique way.


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