Immagina Cervia

A walk in the historic centre of Cervia, to be done independently and respecting your own time, thanks to the app designed to tell the city through the live voice of its inhabitants and the many interactive contents.
Inside the app, the map of the city shows different thematic routes. Once you have chosen the route from which to start, the app will indicate the points of interest, where you can receive a detailed description of the place, with images and multimedia content to enrich your walk through the history of Cervia.
The app allows you to save the information content in a favourite section and thanks to the search and sharing functions on social networks the visit experience is made even more rewarding and immediate!
The app uses a modern technology based on beacons, low power radio transmitters that use Bluetooth technology to monitor the presence of mobile devices and communicate with them.

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Cervia (RA)
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An interactive tour of the historic centre of Cervia guided by the voices of its inhabitants