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Le Navi is the second acquarium in Italy, both for dimensions and importance, developed in four indoor paths. In the Blue Path, dedicated to the sea environment, you can cross the marvelous world of seas and oceans among fish, jellyfish, crustaceans, corals, seahorses and sharks. It starts with the great exhibition of the Humboldt’s Penguins and it goes on with the large central sink, where 700.000 liters of salty water host the biggest bull sharks in Italy, and it finally arrives in the sink where stingrays swim.
The Yellow Path is dedicated to the rivers and sweet water environments, with otters and caimans, while the Green Path hosts reptiles, amphibians and insects from all over the world.
The visit ends with the Purple Path and its exhibition called “Abyss, Alien Earth”, that tells the story of the deep-sea species and shows the reproduction of a 13 meters large giant squid.
Every day in the Aquarium is an adventure, starting from the giant shark mouth welcoming the visitors, to the suggestive mangrove to the Plastifniamola zone, the symbol of the sensitization about the planetary emergency of plastics in the seas.
While visiting the Aquarium it’s not rare to see the activities in progress for the sinks by acquarists and biologists, including cleaning activities and care of the hosted animals.

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